Proper Care of Slate Artwork

Your slate fine art is an original work created with the highest quality colored pencils and gilding on natural stone.  In order to retain the rich colors in the drawing and luminous finish of the gilding, the slate should be displayed in a non-sunlit area.

A hanging wire is provided, but you may also display your new art on a shelf or table using a decorative display easel.  Just make sure to place the art in an area where it will not be bumped, as the slate is fragile and will chip or shatter if dropped.

Slate art requires little care. To clean the surface, lightly dust with a DRY soft cloth or soft dry paintbrush. Do not wet the surface or scrub your slate art with cleaning solvents.

Colored pencils are a wax-based medium, and it is possible that, over time, due to seasonal changes, some wax may rise to the surface of the drawing. You may notice a slight whitish or grayish blush on the surface of the colored image.  If this occurs,  gently and lightly wipe the colored areas with a dry cotton ball or soft dry cloth to remove the thin wax coating and restore the color. After wiping you may see a bit of color on the cotton or cloth….this is normal and is not harmful to the art.

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